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Friday, July 17, 2009 at 1:17 AM

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How to make money from PTC sites? How to make money the quickest way? How to make free money from clicking websites? The easiest and quickest have to be PTC or paid to click sites. Its free and tons of them. They pay very small sums but they soon add up.

Many of us have seen those PTC (paid to click) sites. Payments are tiny for each click, but yet again many internet money makers who wants to make money uses it as a life-line with good earnings from them. Is there a secret they are not telling? Is there a special script they using to rake in the money? No doubt there are programs to cheat these PTC sites but they more often than not will get caught and banned by these PTC sites. It is also illegal, to say the least. But how do we make money when they only pay $0.01 per click? At last, there is a way!

THE SECRET of PTC earnings

To be able to make a decent income from PTC sites is easy. In fact if you are prepared to put in a very small amount of money as investment in it, you can actually make money as supplementary income if not main income! Many of these sites do go bust after some time but if you are careful you can make some money before they do. Yes, you may even make a few thousands of dollars during that time. Many are quite reputable and has been around a few years and have paid out alot. Some of the better ones are listed below and others are worth taking a serious look into.

How to make money
Here is one way you can make money, just follow the steps and you will make some decent income.EXAMPLE: Your click worth $0.015 and your referral's click worth $0.01. Purchase or rent 40 referrals to start with and you will get $124.50 a month!

Earnings Example
You click 10 ads per day = $0.15 day = $4.00
Your daily earnings = $4.15
Your weekly earnings = $29.05

Your monthly earnings = $124.50
If you have more referrals, your income can be quite substantial!

Below are some good PTC sites recommended to join because all have been paying out to members for quite some time All are FREE to join but remember if you want to invest, use your earnings from these PTC to purchase referrals.

(1) NeoBux (very highly recommended. Most trusted and paid out more than $10millions !! MUST JOIN!

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(2) PalmBux (highly recommended)- Another who has been around a few years and paid out hundreds of thousands INSTANTLY! Must join this site- also payment via Paypal too!

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(3) Trekpay - many ads (17-18 ads daily) Pays weekly once you reach $5.50 via Paypal.

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(4) BpBux - new site just launch. To find out more click

(5) BuxWiz - another trusted site that pays instantly with min. cashout of $2.00

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(6) - pays fast. Min. cashout $9.00

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(7) Fillbux - New paying site.

(8) Buxtro - brand new site.

All the site are FREE to join! NOTHING to LOSE!